At the University of Melbourne, I teach on the Masters of International Relations subjects such as 'Terrorism and Insurgency', 'Diplomacy: Theory and Practice', and 'Comparative Regional Governance'. In 2023, I will be teaching International Political Economy with Andrew Walters.

At the LSE, I was a Teaching Fellow for ‘Development and Democracy’ (2020-2021), and designed and delivered a range of lectures and seminars on ‘Civil War and Political Violence’, ‘Diaspora Politics and Globalisation’ and ‘Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Illiberal States’. I received the LSE’s Excellence in Education Award in 2021. I created, along with my colleague David Keen, a unique short course on the ethics and challenges of researching conflict-affected states, conducting elite interviews and field research, for the LSE’s School of Government MSc in Conflict Studies

At the University of Oxford, I was a College Tutor on the Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) course, covering International Relations and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa at Regent’s Park College and the Middlebury College-CMRS Oxford Humanities Program. I was nominated at both Colleges for Best Tutor of the Year both years I taught, receiving the award from Middlebury College-CMRS in 2018.  

I have also delivered specialised lectures for defence institutions and diplomats, including annually for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in the United Kingdom and for the National Defense College in Oman on the Horn of Africa, Red Sea politics and regional security.